Blue Rockin’ Buddy

Blue Rockin’ Buddy is fun to watch, sing, dance and learn a little Spanish with. Touching all these buttons and seeing him light up will encourage your child to shake their tail feather to the grooviest of tunes that this little plastic guy can muster up.

Blue Rockin’ Buddy is a cute little friend with some fun features and skills to teach your child. This little toy glows in the dark, records sounds your kids makes in silly ways and dances with them too. Encourage your child to dance with this toy to see what dancing skills they have, do they dance like Mum or Dad maybe even Grandpa!

Packed with lots of features like over a 100 songs about shapes, colours, numbers, alphabet and more even in Spanish! Kids learn languages faster than adults and retain it better and for longer periods of time. Bilingual kids have lots of benefits over monolingual kids including communications and social skills. So even if your family doesn’t regularly speak one of the other languages encourage them to learn with this toy.

Blue Rockin’ Buddy is brightly coloured and a great night time friend because it glows in the dark so your child can feel safe if they are not keen on complete darkness at bed time. Buddy also has three stages of learning technology for exploring, encourage and pretend play types. Have your camera ready to catch your kid’s dance moves and maybe even dance with them to the tunes. Dance and sing all day with Rockin’ Buddy.

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