Birdie Phone

Birdie Phone will teach your child letters, numbers, time and games all through a fun and realistic phone that includes apps and a phonebook. In time your little one will be talking up storm everyday with the boosted social and verbal skills like their older siblings or grown ups.

Birdie Phone is a learning toy phone for kids who can’t keep their hands of Mum and Dad’s phone. Kids love tech because of the raised buttons, sounds, lights, games and the popularity of such items. This toy is close to the real thing in design and colour that maybe your little one will prefer this over yours in a very short time.

Being able to ‘call’ grandparents and friends on the handset will be a lovely experience as they can ‘chat’ with them and tell them everything that has been happening. Birdie phone will help increase their verbal social skills and storytelling ability as there is a smart AI in the phone to ask them basic questions and they can reply to.

A good size for kids who love to carry bags around with them like grown ups and it is hand held for most hand sizes so the little one can talk on the phone in the plane or car and not get pulled over by the police. A chatty friend to keep them company when you need to focus on the road or flight.

With apps to program numbers inside for family members and friends (you don’t need to put real ones in for safety if toy is misplaced), learning time, letters and number concepts. Your little one will be busting to tell you what Birdie or their grandparents said on their phone which could make you both laugh together.

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