Spell and Match Puzzle

Spell and Match Puzzle are funny to look at with their odd but perfectly fittable pieces that teach your child how to problem solve, spell and match up pictures. What you child in imagination play while they try to mismatch pieces together to make weird and funny things.

Spell and Match Puzzle helps your child learn to spell basic 3-4 letter words by matching puzzle pieces featuring pictures of everyday animals and items. Help your kids sound out each letter as each piece is put together and when it is complete read the whole word with them.

The cartoon pictures are fun to look at and as each puzzle is complete you and your kid can make up stories to join them together. This encourages imagination play and that is just as important as reading, writing and numbers. Everyone has an imagination it just needs the right kind of toy or situation to spark it. It is like a muscle it needs to be used and practiced with to get strong.

This toy also provides that satisfaction and peaceful feeling that everyone feels when something is completed properly and is working as intended. There are loads of those videos online and jigsaw puzzles are just another way of showing and expressing that feeling.

Spell and Match Puzzle is a great way for you child to learn and practice the problem solving skill. Your child can put these together and apart over and over again because it educational and fun.

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