ABC Wooden Puzzle Set

ABC Wooden Puzzle Set is a letter and image match game that your child can learn and play with. The bright coloured labelled images ensure no confusion and inspire your child to want to learn more about the everyday object and letters.

ABC Wooden Puzzle Set features labelled cartoon images with matching uppercase and lowercase letters. The letter pieces are cut to match the image pieces in a self correcting system, one letter piece per image. With this system your child can learn on their own in their own time over and over again.

This set arrives in a wooden box that houses all 52 pieces for easy storage and travel. The pieces are light and large enough for most children to handle in one hand and snap together easily on any flat surface. Nothing like the self satisfaction of looking at a complete puzzle and understanding that your child finished it all by themselves and you both can look at the completed images.

Another bonus to this puzzle is the complete pairing of each letter to image is in its lightness and size which makes it easy to organise in alphabetical order for children who like to do that sort of thing or organise the completed pieces into a story.

ABC Wooden Puzzle Set is a puzzle that your child will love to put together by themselves or to share with the rest of the family. It doesn’t matter if floor or table space is limited because you can match a pair and stack them on top of another pair to save space.

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