Super Solar System Glow Kit

Super Solar System Glow Kit is a kit for any kid that wants to create their own worlds or learn more about the system where we live. Fun to create along or in a group of family and friends it will look awesome in your child’s room and glow when the lights are out.

Super Solar System Glow Kit is a fun project for any family to do together and learn about the solar system. It is a science tool and art kit rolled into one that can be hung in any room or used in a school science project. Colourful when completed it glows in the dark when the lights are out. Watch them move in the breeze circling around the sun.

The kit includes paints, paintbrush, click together planets, hangable frame, string, painting and assembly instructions and a poster filled with fun facts to guide you into making this cool looking kit. Stare at it while lying down in your room and daydream about being an astronaut, astrologist, astrophysicist or alien abductee.

Your child will find loads of information on the internet or in books that will be inspired by this DIY kit and be so proud when they have completed it. Space is big and there is still so much to learn about it. If the science aspect of this kit doesn’t interest your child it may inspire them to create whole universe or world of their own via writing stories, drawings or even videos.

Super Solar System Glow Kit is a fun thing to build and learn about. If your child wants to express their own creativity encourage them to paint the planets in completely different colours, invent a people and a history for each planet. This is how such stories such as Star Wars and Star Trek started, you could have your very own Roddenberry or Lucas under your roof!

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