Spirograph Educational Toy

Spirograph, a toy that has been around for ages is now inspiring a new generation of kids. Create them everywhere, film them and upload the video online. Everyone will see your kids beautiful designs and they can share with their friends too. Spin away!

Spirograph is a toy for kids that has been around for generations. Everyone knows what it is and loves the beautiful patterns it makes when you learn how to use it. It comes with lots of paper, discs, wheels, pens, rack, putty for holding the rings in place and book to show you what to do.

The amazing spirals and loops made with a spirographs are not just visually mesmerising to watch as they are created in bright colors but also have mathematical uses. They are used to calculate areas within circles and are printed in elaborate designs on money to prevent fraud. Handy little things aren’t they?

But other than that Spirographs are very relaxing and satisfying to anybody with lots of videos online featuring these amazing little designs go around and around the disc in repetitive patterns. Kids can fill all the sheets of paper up and stick them on their walls and stare at them all day.

Anyone could watch spirographs being drawn all day and now your kids can do it anytime they want. Film them drawing these in many colours and patterns and upload them. So many people will watch it again and again. Try it out, see how relaxing it is.

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