Pop-up Insect House

Pop-up Insect House is a mesh tent perfect for raising butterflies and releasing them when they have grown. Watch in amazement with your children as the eggs become larvae then chrysalis and finally adult butterflies. This tent can also be used to protect plants as they grow. Easy and light to move around the garden.

Pop-up Insect House is a mesh sided, airflow tent that can be used to temporarily house any type of butterfly through their growth phases or for growing plants. The mesh allows for loads of air to move through the tent and light while protecting the insects or plants from predators or pets.

Light and easy to move around the backyard anywhere by anyone to get the best access to sunlight and shade. Coming in nice colours and shapes so that it is not an eyesore in the garden. A family friendly tent to protect the things you love while they grow.

Pop-up Insect House can sustain the full cycle of a butterflies life from egg, larvae, chrysalis and adulthood. Watch your butterflies grow into beautiful insects and when their wings are dry you can let them go out into the world to fly. Maybe they won’t want to leave.

Your children and the rest of the family will enjoy this little tent and watch your kids excitement as the plants grow or butterflies transform. Film it each day and watch the progress again and again in slow motion or super speed.

This tent comes in a few different colors and shapes to suit most gardens colouring and size. Kit includes a book on how to raise butterflies with loads of information and colour pictures to follow. An educational kit for the whole family.

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