DIY Magnetic Kit

DIY Magnetic Kit is full of interesting and fun experiments you and your child can do with magnets. They are a fascinating and powerful source of energy and completing these games included in this kit will show you. Complete them over and over again and expand your understanding of the universe through the power of magnetism!

DIY Magnetic Kit has 10 fun games and experiments for your child to put together and learn all about the power of magnets with their positive and negative poles. In certain arrangements magnets can stick together and other arrangements can repel each other, a great source of power and either natural or they can be man made.

It is always fun to play with small size magnets watching them push opposite charged magnets away by an invisible force. Magnets can come in all sizes and they bigger they are they more powerful they are. They are attracted to metal and have a wide variety of uses like holding things on to the fridge, they power speakers, headphones and televisions. There are also some very important medical machines that use magnets to take pictures of what we look like inside, these are called Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans (MRI). See magnets are fascinating.

Magnets are rechargeable, and if a magnet loses its charge and has become weak it can be rubbed together with a stronger magnet to regain its power. Also never put a magnet near a mobile phone, tablet or computer because it will wipe all the information as it is stored magnetically on hard drives.

So as you can see there are loads of things that your child can learn about magnets through these experiments and online. Have fun trying out all the games in this kit and expand your knowledge of magnets together.

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