Disney Magnetic Alphabet

Disney Magnetic Alphabet is a fun to use magnetic letter system that any kid who is learning their first words can use. Save the wall in your house from being destroyed by purchasing this set for your fridge or freezer. No more messy markers, pencils or crayons on their bedroom walls.

Disney Magnetic Alphabet is a brightly coloured, wooden, complete magnetic backed alphabet set that comes in uppercase letters, lowercase letters and in a wooden box for easy storage. The top of the letters are printed in coloured Mickey Mouse designs that are laminated and glued to the wood. They are large enough for most small hands to pick up and place on any metallic surface.

These magnetic letters are fun to learn with as you can help your child make up words and short sentences, their imagination is only limited by the size of the fridge or freezer. You may wake up one morning and find that another family member has rearranged your words or letters into something really funny.

Your child can use both uppercase and lowercase letters to make up new words and start a trend. Perhaps use the letters to make weird and wonderful character by placing the letter on a piece of paper and drawing around it. Turn the letter ‘P’ into a man walking side on with a big nose. Anything is possible.

Disney Magnetic Alphabet features Mickey Mouse’s iconic silhouette in many colours and patterns. Have fun organising the letters into the storage box, one side for big letters and the other side for small letters. Encouraging your child in their first words with this kit will make any child feel pride in their accomplishments.

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