Dig a Dino Fossil Kit

Dig a Dino Kit is fun for your family and class with the chance to find some really interesting fossils and to reveal the dinosaur head that is buried in the bottom. A messy and fun experience for everyone to learn about dinosaurs with and find a link into the past.

Dig a Dino Fossil Kit is a treasure hunting and educational kit in one. The kit comes with a magnifying glass, brush, chisel and a painted dinosaur head surrounded by a large clump of dirt. What archeologist or paleontologist wouldn’t love that. The chance to find some cool things inside random lumps of mud.

The kit has a short list of items that can be found with the dinosaur head like a tooth, rock or poop but they vary so much in appearance. Watch as the green, scaly, yellow eyed and sharp tooth dinosaur reveals his head as you slowly and gently dig a dino head with treasures out of the lump.

A slightly messy kit it is a fun outdoor activity you can do with your child and you both can get excited over what could be buried. While your child digs away with the tools provided you can read to them and both learn all kinds of fascinating facts about dinosaurs.

Dig a Dino Fossil Kit can also be used as a class activity, buy a few kits, divide the class into small groups and this will increase your chances and your classes chances of finding something unique and really cool. Your class can study the items for science and turn it into projects. If you’re not doing this with school your child can start their own personal fossil collection. Either way this could lead your child or students onto some interesting travels and careers.

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