Circuit Board Extreme

Circuit Board Extreme is a fun and safe way to experiment with electricity, find out how it works and what it can do. The fun things your can make to show your family friends will seem like magic with this extreme kit.

Circuit Board Extreme is a colorful educational kit for any kid interested in electrical projects, appliances and wants to eventually become an engineer, electrician or any kind of scientist when they grow up. A kid friendly kit they can use on their own or enjoyed as a family, there will be pride experienced when any of the projects are put together and they work as intended.

This kit includes many new projects and loads from the other Circuit Board Kits. You can combine all of them together and you never know, your kids may create something that could power the car or house. Won’t know unless they try.

With the many projects available, one of them is a lie detector which can be a lot of fun with the grown ups, with your other kids or their friends. Imagine the things that could be revealed, it will be fun for the whole family. You may learn something new about everyone.

Circuit Board Extreme is just that, an extreme experience in electrical engineering for fun or for school projects. Make up your own contraptions and learn how electricity works with the many books provided or all stages of experience and understanding. Wow the whole family with your wizardry in all things electrical without the downside of getting zapped.

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