Magnetic Responsibility Board

Magnetic Responsibility Board, a tool and toy in one. To teach your kids at a young age how to look after themselves and the family home. It will help prepare them for the future when they have a home of their own and even a family. A helpful little tool for helpful little hands.

Magnetic Responsibility Board is a helpful household tool just your kids (helpful, not a household tool). Hang this activity board on a clear wall and place the magnetised chore named tabs on the left side and watch your child place the brightly coloured smiley face tokens in the squares under the days of the week. See how many they can fill up in a day.

Parents have loved the chores list idea for generations and kids do like to check things off when they do them, gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in the home. It is brightly coloured and with cartoons the kids will want to use it more often.

Grown ups cannot be everywhere at once and do everything all the time so it helps when kids start to pitch in forma certain age. They can help around the house by completing small tasks like dressing themselves which encourages independence and clearing the table which teach them to be careful with breakables like glasses and plates.

Watching someone so young doing such grown activities to help out trains them in important skills when they become old enough to live on their own. Starting with this tool is a great idea and you can add weekly rewards for them to work towards, either $ or a prized toy.

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