Write and Draw Computer Board

Write and Draw Computer Board is kids a toy and educational tool in one easy to carry interface. Listen to the computer and guide your child into the fun world of learning to write neatly.

Write and Draw Computer Board teaches your child how to write their names, numbers and draw basic shapes, a necessary and basic skill for any preschooler heading towards kindergarten. A teaching tool that any kid can use anytime and anywhere. Take it for long trips in the car or on the plane, practice your writing everywhere.

It comes with an easy to carry handle, two stamps, magnetic drawing board, doodling pen, slide eraser, plastic stencil shapes (on the back) and a computer ‘teacher’ to show your child the basic concepts of writing letters. This toy is lightweight for most kids to carry everywhere they go.

Follow the instructions given by the on board computer and with your guidance your child’s writing skills could be ahead of every other kid their age. Fun enough to practice every day and quiet enough not to bother others in your home or scare your pets.

Write and Draw Computer Board is a toy that can encourage anyone and everyone to write neatly from an early age. As a grown up we know lots of people who could use a tool like this to practice their writing and this can help even the slackest of penship users to tighten up their game. Nothing like the satisfaction of writing the perfect letter or number. Using this toy will gain compliments for your child on how neat they write.

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