Purple Magnetic Draw Board

Purple Magnetic Draw Board is a relaxing toy for your children to play with to practice writing and drawing. In bright colours and larger size than most, this board allows more space for your kid to create amazing scenes or write short funny sentences.

Purple Magnetic Draw Board is larger than most magnetic drawing boards and has a bonus of 4 extra colour sections under the surface. Most other colour boards of this type have 4 sectioned colours. This one allows for more diversity in the colours of your drawings.

Also included are three stamps to help your kid create basic shapes for more their drawings and a stylus pen for writing practice and fine details drawing. Fill the entire board fine line doodles or perfectly formed letters, either way both things are cool to do when they find the fun in writing and drawing neatly.

There are also two handles to allow your child to carry whichever fits best and extra support drawing in landscape or portrait aligned artworks. Portrait alignments are great for drawing just that, portraits of people or tall objects and landscape is good for drawing scenery or writing words, letters or numbers.

Purple Magnetic Draw Board is light to carry and rest on your child’s lap with no noisy animated voices blaring repetitive phrases or music every fe minutes. It’s a quiet and relaxing toy for kids who just want to sit back and relax with the family while they practice writing or drawing.

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