Mini Colour Drawing Board

Mini Colour Drawing Board is fun to draw and write with because if you make a mistake you can wipe it off and start again. It is easily shared amongst other people and can be used in games like hangman, tic tac toe and more.

Mini Colour Drawing Board is a good size for younger children and for travel in the car. A mess free and complete drawing set that has a spot for everything, stamps, pen and eraser. The surface has 4 squares of colour that are under the entire surface so when anyone writes or draws on this the colours come through with the stylus.

No extra luggage for pencils and markers rolling all over the place staining the interior of the car, plane or living room. No batteries or crazy voices overpowering conversations in the car when your child plays with this toy. The chatter you may hear is from them being proud of the drawing or the writing they are practicing on the board. Available in blue or red colours so if you need more than one for more than one child the diversive colours will help identify who’s is who’s.

The size is also handy for placing near the house phone or other busy locale to leave messages for other family members. This will save on paper and pens getting lost all over the house. Just remember to put it out of reach of the younger kids as they wipe the board and you could lose some important information.

Mini Colour Drawing Board can also be used as a board for writing notes when you have lost your ability to talk whether temporary or permanent. Bring it everywhere you go and you can ‘talk’ to other people anytime you want maybe leave a little cartoon. Much cheaper than electronic voice boxes and no dusty particles like whiteboard markers and chalk.

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