Light up Tracer Pad

Learning to write and draw has never been easier for adults and children with Light up Tracer Pad. Pick a picture, clamp it up, place clean paper on top, clamp it up and switch on the Light up Tracer Pad and draw, draw, draw

Light up Tracer Pad teaches your kids how to draw almost anything. Print out any picture you like and clamp it to the top of the pad. Then place a clean sheet of paper on top and have them trace over it.

For any kid that likes to draw something over and over again especially something from their favourite TV show, save time and effort and print out one picture and draw it. Then they can colour it and have little posters all over their room of their favourite characters.

It is not just for kids, adults can use this as a light box for their arts and crafts. Learning calligraphy or animate is so much easier and cheaper than before. Designing patterns for other projects like lead lighting and beading is now fun too. Anything is possible with Light up Tracer Pad.

Some parents have seen older siblings draw artworks for young siblings to colour, working together to entertain each other makes life at home much easier for parents. Quiet times drawing together and maybe making up a story book with their pictures.

Light up Tracer Pad is handy for teaching preschoolers how to write letters, numbers, names and words. By placing a lettered sheet underneath they can learn to trace their name and phone number before they start school and be way ahead of the other kids.

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