LCD Tablet for Kids

LCD Tablet for Kids is a fun and low cost tablet that is a handy size for travel for anyone. Practice drawing, writing, playing games like tic tac toe or hangman, lots of ideas. A stretch cable, stylus, save and trash buttons are the good features of this tablet. Take a look for yourself.

LCD Tablet for Kids is light and easy to take anywhere to draw or write on anytime your child wants to. Fits into any bag with its slim design and an easily seen colours of pink or blue in case the tablet is inside a darkened bag. Free draw and write everywhere you go.

This tablet includes a stylus and a cord that can be installed onto the pen and board for anti loss that is also stretchy to compensate for left or right handed users. Some writing boards make left handed use difficult by attaching the stylus with rigid non stretchy cable. Now you or your kid can write and draw with ease.

With the flat surface your kid can grab most small objects and trace around them and when the image is not what they want anymore there is a trash button on the front they can operate to remove the image. Also there is a padlock button on the back to slide to prevent accidental bumping of the button while drawing and losing the image. If your child needs to save the drawing to continue later the padlock button slid to the lock position will save their work until they continue.

LCD Tablet for Kids also has two strong magnet strips for storage on the fridge or freezer doors. It is not only a writing and drawing board but it could be a message board for phone calls or a shopping list holder. The list of ideas is extensive.

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