Felt Rubber Duster

Felt Rubber Duster is a hygienic and clean way of removing chalk from chalkboards. In a simple and effective design that any kid can use when using the easel. Watch those chalky mistakes get wiped clean away so easily and ready for rewriting.

Felt Rubber Duster is a tool for erasing chalk from chalkboards in an efficient and clean manner. Wiping the surface of the compressed chalk and catching it in the felt is a safe way of removing chalk drawing or writings

Cleaning rubber dusters has always been a fun pastime for kids (now grown ups) when asked by a teacher to clean them. You would take them outside and smack two of them together and see the dust fly in the air. If there was only one you got to bang it against a wall and see the chalky patterns on the wall. Place the chalked rectangles and make words on the wall for all the other kids to see.

Rubber dusters were better to use to clean the board with at the end of the school day because using water took a long time to dry, especially if the board was large. If it wasn’t quite dry when the teacher went to write on it the chalk would be damp and writing wouldn’t work.

Felt Rubber Dusters are now more hygienic than the old ones they had before the electronic boards or white boards. Your clothes or your teachers clothes would be covered in the dust by the end of the day because it spreads everywhere. You could brush it off but then the particles would get caught in the breeze and you would be covered again.

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