Drawing Board Twin Set

Drawing Board Twin Set is a magnetic drawing or writing board that is good for practicing writing and learning to draw basic shapes. A combo set containing two boards, one for each kid or travel space. Handy to attach to any fridge as a message board, a to do list or keep a shopping list. For fun and home maintenance these boards will always have a use.

Drawing Board Twin Set is a handy handy set of magnetic drawing boards that features 4 stamps, pen, carry handle, slider eraser and a mini 4 color magnetic board for travelling. Brightly colored and light on the little arms to carry wherever they go.

These boards are great for travelling with and the two sizes available in this set that you can choose which one to take with you depending on the space available in the vehicle. It is a quiet and battery free toy for your child or anyone to use. The only noise you will hear will be from the artist using it wanting to show you what they drew or wrote.

The large board has a pen that draws in black magnetic powder below the surface and the mini board has 4 sectioned colors so when you or your child draws on any part of it it will be red, blue, green or yellow. Scribble across the whole board to see where the colors are located and have fun sliding the eraser over and over again.

Drawing Board Twin Set is also ideal for families with 2 or more kids because there will be minimal fights over this toy with each child able to have one each and swap later on. It’s also good for practicing to write letters, numbers, words and sentences along with learning the names of the shapes that the stamps come in.

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