Doc McStuffins Clipboard

Doc McStuffins Clipboard lets your child pretend to be a vet and you never know they might enjoy the game so much they may grow up to be a vet. Animals are just like people, they need doctors and hospitals to get better in and there are lots of animals that need help.

Doc McStuffins is Disney’s favorite vet that fixes cute cartoon animals in her clinic. Now your child can be like her or any other doctor with their very own clipboard. Grab a large white shirt or costume lab coat and let your child be a doctor for the family or family pet.

This board comes with three clip in plastic stencils that help your child learn to write letters on the magnetic drawing board surface. The in built program also teaches your child numbers and talks to them about health things too. Included are loads of melodies and sounds to help keep your child’s interest and learning.

Good for trips in the car or wherever they go because of its light and kids sized construction. The attached stylus is of large size to make it easy for small hands to handle and the fine metallic tip fits perfectly inside the stencils so there is no frustration.

Doc McStuffins Clipboard is good for imaginary play where they can fix anyone in the family, including the pets. Watch your child diagnose and repair health problems. Invest in a toy med kit to complete the experience, maybe even create a hospital or clinic in the living room with chairs and bed sheets, a real medical tent.

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