Blue Magnetic Draw Board

Blue Magnetic Draw Board is a handy toy and learning tool to have in your collection of learning to write things. Learn to draw anything you want anywhere and practice your writing anytime. With added stamps for extra fun and an in built eraser for redoing artworks or words. Learn to draw everything on this board and you will never be bored again.

Blue Magnetic Draw Board is a large sized magnetic drawing board with 8 sections of colors under the surface that bring any drawing to ‘life’ when drawn on. Draw a multicolored sun, trees, cars whatever your child decides to draw with be a rainbow of colors.

This board is also good for practicing to write words, sentences, letters, numbers and draw shapes. There are also stamps available to help cover large areas for more coloring. The slider eraser is attached to the board so it always ready for erasing when you need it.

It is fun to draw all over the board and watching the slider erase all the colors and fill it up again. A fun and repetitive toy that needs no batteries or recharging time. It is the kind of toy any kid would want for a gift, ready to draw kit that needs no ink, sharpening or paper.

Blue Magnetic Draw Board has in built handles make it easy to carry and the slim design make for easy storage in most rooms or luggage. Draw pictures of everything you seen when you travel with this board, practice writing other people’s names when you meet them. You could even learn to draw caricatures of people in the street to park and this is a toy that started you off.

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