Blue Magna Board and Stamps

Blue Magna Board with Stamps has 5 cool and colorful magnetic stamps with smiley faces that make any drawing or writing practice fun. With two sheets of stickers available your child can decorate anything including the board itself.

Blue Magna Board with Stamps is a large and lightweight two handled magnetic drawing board that your child can take anywhere and store in the flattest of places. Color panels under the surface allow for rainbow colored drawings or writings.

There are also two sheets of decorative sticks to place around the board or anywhere you kids wants to pretty things up. Also included in this set are 5 colorful stamps in the kit that are shaped like fruit and vegetables. They have happy smiling faces when stamped on the board surface.

Writing and Drawing boards are fun for the whole family because wherever they are someone always likes to pick them up to practice writing or drawing on. The slider eraser makes it easy to remove old artworks so you can draw on it while your kid is away and remove it so you wont get into trouble from them. Kids can be possessive sometimes.

Blue Magna Board with Stamps makes drawing and writing fun whether your child is inside or outside and the weather is miserable or beautiful. Take this board with you and your child on all your trips and you will never hear the words ‘I’m bored’ because with this toy they already have a board.

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