Watercolour Pencils Box 40

Watercolour Pencils Box 40 has so many colours and the potential to make many more colours by being dampened with a brush and blended that you could double or triple the collection of colours in one simple step. Experiment with colours and techniques to see where it takes you.

Watercolour Pencils Box 40 is the best of both worlds in art mediums, combining pencils and watercolours. Colour areas in the pencil first then with a small damp brush go over the pencilled space to soften the colour to shade and blend. Any kind of brush can be used accompanied by a small dish of water to change colours.

Create realistic skin colours with contouring by using a light and a dark colour pencil layer and brush over it with a damp brush to see the skin colour pop on the paper. Shadows beside the nose, eyes and necklines look more realistic with two toned colouring even hair.

Add depth to pictures of the ocean by colouring the water in light and dark blues where needed and apply the wet brush over the top and see the colours merge to create a deep and swimmable ocean. You will be so visually mesmerised by the effect that you will want to swim in it.

Watercolour Pencils Box 40 are great for people who are learning to use watercolours and getting used to their spreading effect that water does with paper. Experiment with various colour combinations and amounts of water. You will be surprised how easy it is and won’t be able to stop once you start.

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Watercolour Pencils Box 40
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Watercolour Pencils Box 40
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Watercolour Pencils Box 40
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Watercolour Pencils Box 40
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