Washable Paint 16oz: White

Washable Paint 16oz: White is a washable paint that is kid and adult safe so there is no staining but you and your clothes are left with some stunning whites in your artworks. Make the whites extra strong with layered coats or transparent with water. This bottle size is also available in other colours to so you can finish that artwork to match the white you already have.

Washable Paint 16oz: White is a large bottle of white coloured paint that is a good size for classroom art projects especially with lots of kids per class. There is enough of the white to use on their projects and it is kid friendly in case it spills on the classroom floor or on school uniforms.

White paint is handy for blending to make other colours lighter like mix this with black to make 50 or more shades of grey, purple, greens and blues. Reds can now turn into another colour called pink and all their different shades.

When used to paint pictures of anything that has white like, albino cats, clouds, airplanes, pillows, crockery, underpants, sheep, birds, fences, clown faces and lots more. This white paint can be layered in many coats or thinned down with a little water to get the right opaque or transparent coverage for the object you are painting a picture of.

Washable Paint 16oz: White is a washable and multipurpose paint for many projects and it doesn’t matter how messy a painter you are, you or your clothes won’t be stained in white. Just a quick wash in hot water (yourself and your clothes either together or separately) and you both will be back to whatever normal you are.

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