Watercolour Paint Set with Brush

Watercolour Paint Set with Brush can make some really cool transparent and colourful effects in your child’s artwork. With the added bonus of quick drying with the high water content and no smearing half dried blobs, watercolours are easily washed off clothing and skin plus they are also non toxic.

Watercolour Paint Set with Brush is a kid safe, non toxic, brightly coloured water colour set your child can use many times over. Works on any paper and is easily washed out of clothes and little hands. This set includes a brush that your child can use for any art project with or without this paint set.

Watercolours are soothing to look at with their coloured and semi transparent appearance which is great for slowly increasing their intensity on different areas of your kids artwork. They are a lot like pencils with their ability to shade and blend because somethings aren’t opaque and do allow some light through them

Mixing with watercolours is so much easier than standard paint due to their ability to adapt with water which also means you use less paint and the palette will last longer. There are no thick blobs of paint that take a long time to dry and end up smearing your kids work. With these paints they will dry quicker and stay in place better.

Watercolour Paint Set with Brush can be used to make some cool effects like coloured rain drops dripping down or some really fun and colourful water splats. See how the paper warps like ocean waves when the paint dries depending on the amount of water used. It is essentially art and science combined.

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