Washable Glitter Paint Collection

Washable Glitter Paint Collection is a non toxic, sparkly, fun, resealable, bright paint collection that has multiple potential uses. Safe for any age to use and suitable for most art projects. Your child will have loads of fun smearing these colours across any pieces of paper and will want to share it with the rest of the family.

Washable Glitter Paint Collection contains primary and secondary colours in an easy to reseal container. Make your child’s artworks twinkle in the light with glitter and fill the room with sparkling light. All paints are non toxic so if your child happens to lick their hands like all young kids do, you will be happy to know that they will be okay but there maybe a glistening surprise in the bathroom later. A sparkly bathtime fun with glitter and bubbles.

You can also rest assured that if the paint spreads to their clothes (because we also know young ones can have accidents) this paint collection is washable from most materials. So as you can see your child won’t remain a sparkly, wild haired, twinkle faced youngling forever and are completely safe.

Having sparkle tinted artworks in the house will brighten up any room no matter the light level. When light and glitter mix the effect is so pretty it will suit any room in the house. Brighten up the garage with twinkle painted stars, outshine the whitest of clothing in the laundry room and light up the dingiest of attics with this glitter paint set. You could save a few $ on your electric bill.

Washable Glitter Paint Collection is bright, twinkly, sparkly and fun for anyone to use. Paint posters for elections and make them really stand out, bedroom door signs to deflect unwelcome visitors. Their are endless ideas with glitter paints!

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