Washable Fine Tip Markers 40pk

Washable Fine Tip Markers 40pk are a big collection of markers with great gradient of each colour so fighting for colours is minimal amongst siblings and friends. Colours are so bright and tips have great control to cover areas of small sizes. Try them out and see for yourselves.

Washable Fine Tip Markers 40pk is non toxic fun for your kids to do drawings with and are safe on their clothes and skin just in case they find paper boring to draw on and want to give each other facial ‘tattoos’ of moustaches, glasses and eyebrows. If this happens take a photo then chuck them in the bath, such a funny and memorable moment.

The fine tips on these markers are great for practicing writing with and give the variety of colour to keep your children interested. It will make the lettering easier to understand particularly when they try to write lowercase ‘e’ and other small loopy letters.

These colours are so bright and their quality is excellent for most projects that need a defined line or intricate design. Colouring is made easier too with the easier tip control to stay within the lines. Nothing is more frustrating as a kid than when your pen slips and out the line it goes. With smaller coverage it allows for closer and more accurate control close to those pesky lines.

Washable Fine Tip Markers 40pk is a large collection that is easily shared amongst a small group of kids allowing 3-4 gradients of each colour and clear sounding click lids so you know that the lids are on and the markers won’t dry out. Dried out markers are no fun and are down right disappointing. So keep those lids close by and closed when not in use.

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