Twisty Crayons Set

Twisty Crayons Set can now add more colour to your child’s artworks without the frustration of breakage and sharpening that occurs with regular crayons. See what colours can be blended when you and your family use this set on any piece of paper.

Twisty Crayon Set are self sharpening crayons so your child can right into their drawing without having to stop and sharpen their crayons. When they are colouring there is nothing more tiring than trying to fill a space with colour while the crayon is blunt, it makes your hand and wrist ache.

Sharpening crayons is a tedious job due to the flakes of colour that end up all over the floor, the constant chunks of crayon that become stuck in the sharpener and the danger of your little one trying to remove the stuck chunk from the blade with their fingers! Eeek!

But the biggest bonus with this crayon set is the plastic tube that protects the crayon from breakage. Crayons get dropped and shoved into pencil cases all the time and nothing is more frustrating than when you put your hand inside to pick up a crayon and they are all broken. Ugh!

Twisty Crayon Set is worth the investment to ward off the frustrations of crayon upkeep and protection. Available in so many varying colours that your child’s colouring can no have added depth and perspective by adding to similar colours together, highlighted and a lowlighted areas. An advanced art technique is now available for your and your family.

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