Tan Matte Paint 2oz

Tan Matte Paint 2oz is a handy little bottle of sandy coloured paint that just need to be spread over something to feel satisfied. Grab your brush and spread it over a surface and see the matte finish that this paint is meant to give you. No gloss just pure colour.

Tan Matte Paint 2oz is a small bottle of matte finish paint that works with many art projects that need a tan colour. A smooth creamy finish with no gloss that isn’t visually washed out in the daylight. Pleasant and gentle on the eyes, a soothing and relaxing colour.

This 2 ounce bottle is for small fine projects such as fine detail areas and artworks that are portraits of people because the colour is similar to some skin colours that humans come in (or get spray tanned to). Add a touch of brown to make the colour darker or white to make it lighter, adjust it to your needs of the project.

Tan colour is also used to paint some pictures of horses, dogs, cats, beaches and deserts. A lovely sandy colour that makes you want to go to the beach and wriggle your toes in the sand to feel this colours texture. Close your eyes and thinking of this colour make you feel warm because of its yellow and brown hues.

Tan Matte Paint 2oz is paint for most art projects and this little bottle has the same sized mates that come in other colours that can be used in the same project. Just find them and give them some ‘jobs’ as well so Tan Matte Paint 2oz isn’t alone in your work. Make that beach artwork, that sitting dog, gusty desert, running horse or sleeping cat. Maybe even a lightly caramel ice cream. Great, now I am hungry. Be right back.

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