Scented Markers

Scented Markers make great artworks even greater especially when displayed in the kitchen. Imagine an entire room that smells of fruit salad. You could hang the works in the bathroom to cover bad smells too!

Scented Markers come in lots of different colors and smells to please most noses. A unique smell for each color that keeps on smelling after your kids have drawn with them on paper. *sniff* Yummy!

We all know most kids don’t always put lids back on markers and the smells can be very handy because when packing up after them. You can sniff your way around the room trying to find the lid and the marker that it matches.

If by any chance the markers get on your little clothes it can make the laundry hamper smell nice. Imagine picking up a shirt that has a brown mark on it and smelling cinnamon instead of dirt. What a pleasant surprise.

Check the instructions first but these markers could make your makeup that much brighter and beautifully scented. Works even better if you are a clown, you could wear more!

But seriously, these markers are great of coloring in artworks as it adds another layer of appreciation other than visual, smell. Just imagine your kids having the only artwork in the gallery that you can actually sniff. Wow! This watermelon smells so real, can we eat it?

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