Crayon Carrier

Crayon Carrier with its battalion of 152 soldiers is ready to land on the table. Operation: Fill Paper Up With Pictures is about to proceed and needs your help to complete the mission. Help your kids fill their blank spaces up with this easy to carry and storage caddy.

Crayon Carrier has 152 crayons (2 are white) and a sharpener to keep all your kids crayons looking their best and brightest. Not only do they have standard colors but there is also neon, metallic and glitter too. With these last three options your child can draw the reddest looking car ever or alien spaceship anyone has ever seen.

The standard colors can be used for amazing portraits of family, friends or pets. The white crayons may not show up on white paper but are good for blending colors together or adding highlights in areas for shine. Show your child how and you will both be amazed at its effect. So realistic!

Grandparents and other friends and relatives will love to collect your artworks for their homes too. Send some pictures in letters and cards for special occasions and when you go to visit them your works will be on display at their house too for their friends to see.

The carrier is plastic and has cardboard sorting slots inside for holding all your crayons securely and upright to prevent breakage. So many colors and crayons to share. Awesome!

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