Colored Pencils for Grown ups

Colored Pencils for Grown ups can spark the imagination of anyone 8 and above to color or draw from scratch the most amazing artworks. Enter art competitions with your drawings and see what prizes you could win. Show the world your hidden or not so hidden talent when you fill the empty walls in your home with framed pictures of your art.

Colored Pencils for Grown ups are just that, pencils for the older children and adults. Coloring and drawing is not just for young children, anyone can still do it and never grow out of it. A fun childhood activity that everyone loves to do.

Coloring is very relaxing as it helps you focus and concentrate which can deteriorate slightly when kids come along. You could be having a good chat with a fellow adult then suddenly one of your kids needs you. So off you go to help and when you return you forget what you and your adult friend were talking about. Argh!

Another fun thing to do is when your child is asleep you can go into their drawing and painting collection of stuff and ‘borrow’ one of their coloring books. Have a great deal of fun filling in small and large spaces with colors so neatly in the lines. Maybe even find a picture and color it in unusual colors, that tomato will look so cool in blue right? Maybe that banana can be purple for today? Who knows what you may do.

Coloring Pencils for Grown ups can be used to make more fun around the home. If your child finds some of the pictures already colored and has not suspected you, you could tell them that the Color in Gremlin paid a visit. Then that night place a special picture outside for the ‘Gremlin’ to color as a gift. When your child goes to sleep whip out your special pencils and color that picture in. Fun times when your child wakes up.

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