12 Colored Pencils in Blue Box

12 Colored Pencil in Blue Box are multicolored fun for your child that won’t hurt their hand when drawing or coloring. A fun and educational set of pencils to use as they feature three languages of each pencil colors names. Learn some new words and color with your child anywhere and anytime.

12 Colored Pencils in Blue Box are multilingual with a strong bright core and encased in sturdy wood. The color names are printed in gold with three languages, English, French and Spanish so anyone can use them. When your child uses these pencils and reads their names they are learning some new words which could inspire your child to learn the names of the other colors in the other languages.

Easily stored and transported in their blue box, they can also be moved to a more durable container when you start to use them more often. Due to their standard size they are also big enough for your child to handle and any adult so the entire family can sit down and color in together. Such a fun project to do.

Bright colors can be increased in intensity with gentle ache-free pressure from yours or your child’s hand and beautifully blended for shading and color mixing. Mixing colors is fun with paint but you can do both with pencils, color mixing AND color shading.

12 Colored Pencils in Blue Box are light in your hand require very little pressure to work on any piece of paper. Easily sharpened with a standard sharpener and protected in a cylinder of sturdy wood for better quality and longer lasting pencil fun.

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