Water Painting Mat

Water Painting Mat is a fun painting activity without paint. Add water to the provided pens and scribble away to see the hidden surprises in the surface. Pour or paint water everywhere on the mat and watch it dry after a few minutes then it will be ready to be filled with drawings again. Take it anywhere and have fun with water and this magic mat.

Water Painting Mat is large activity mat for individual or small groups of kids to do indoors or outdoors. A no mess painting game that has magic pictures under the surface which come out when wet with water. Open the pens,fill with water and replace the top tightly then watch your kids reveal the hidden picture alphabet printed around the border.

Included in this kit are magic water pens, stencils, a book for learning to draw and a jigsaw. Learn to draw simple cartoons anywhere in the space and after 10 mins the image will disappear and can be redone again and again. Maybe get a paintbrush and cover bigger areas to see what is hidden.

No paint, stained clothes or children with this art kit because all you need a supply of water and your kids will be ready to draw. This is the only painting mat that can be done in the car because if there are any accidental spillages it is only water and not pigmented acrylic that hits the upholstery. Drying in the car is made easier with the use of air con, heaters or wound down windows.

Water Painting Mat is a family fun activity that requires minimal set up and clean up. Just dry the mat and your kid then it is ready for storage again in the provided box. Whip it out on rainy days indoors or summer days outdoors just as long as there is space for the mat and your group of artists.

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