Rainbow Jewelry Loom

Rainbow Jewelry Loom, the most colourful rings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets you and your kids can make at home. They can make some for their friends, family and toy teddy bears.

Rainbow Jewelry Loom is colourful and fun with loads of multicolored rubber bands for your kids to make jewelry for family and friends. Help them try out all the different patterns and styles in the many combinations of colors.

With personal experience with this particular toy, I do have a few suggestions:

  1. Organise a small resealable bag (or organiser) before you start as these little bands do bounce and fling across the room.
  2. Thoroughly read the pattern instructions. One little misstep and it springs out like a jack in the box.
  3. Have YouTube on standby in case you want to learn more patterns or get stuck on a step.

It is a slightly challenging art project for you and your kids but it helps develop concentration on following instructions and dexterity. Go on and try for yourselves. Focus and see what you can make.

The Rainbow Jewelry Loom is a fun experience for everyone and great art and craft item for those days where the weather is a bit sucky outside. You can help the kids make many rubber band jewelry items and if the piece they make comes apart it is so easy to make a new one or repair it, just follow the instructions and try again. Enjoy!

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