Paint with Water Mat

Paint with Water Mat is a self drying, reusable drawing or writing mat anyone can use and there is no messy clean up afterwards. It comes with extra items to help your child write and draw amazingly colourful pictures anywhere. See what your little one comes up with and snap a picture before it disappears.

Paint with Water Mat comes with 3 magic water pens, stencils and molds to trace around. Can hold upto three little artists all drawing or writing at the same time with no messy ink, crayon or pencil shavings, paint, glitter or broken pencils or crayons. Just fill the pens with ordinary water and watch your kids etchings show up on the surface in rainbow colours.

Your kids drawings will dty within minutes or sooner with a hair dryer and they can reuse the mat indoors or outdoors as many times as they like. If you or your child wants to keep the drawings just take out your camera before they disappear.

This toy has a water resistant backing which means there is no water leakage on the bottom so it is safe to use in the car, living room carpets, planes anywhere there is lap or floor space to draw. The mat is light to carry and the extra pieces can be stored in a small bag that can be carried separately or placed inside the box. If the box is no longer an option the mat can also be rolled up and secured with a piece of ribbon or elastic. Have fun creating a contraption for easy transport.

Paint with Water Mat is a reusable drawing surface that requires very little clean up of just packing the extras. No messy paint stains on clothes or skin. You child can play with mat 5 mins before leaving the house or at a restaurant and you will not need to worry about ruining their outfits.

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