Origami Dragons Kit

Origami Dragons Kit is a fun and educational arts and crafts kit you can help your child with. Learn about dragons and their history with the included book and fly the dragon brood all over the house or outside in the yard. Watch these guys soar and the look of excitement on your childs face seeing these fierce ‘creatures’ take flight.

Origami Dragons Kit is so much fun for anyone who loves dragons, paper folding and seeing things fly through the air. Help your kids assemble this terrifying, scaly, flying team of dragons and their hatchlings. Read all about dragons and maybe learn something you never knew about these fascinating creatures.

Once all the dragons are assembled you and your child can take them to the backyard or to the nearest park and fly them. They may not breathe real fire but with some practice these beasts from the past will be zooming through the air.

Take one each and have a race to see who’s dragon can go the furthest. Try to build the included Robo Dragon and interchange its parts to build the awesome creature. This kit will inspire your child to want to learn more about dragons and perhaps watch some movies with dragons, there are loads out there.

Origami Dragons Kit is fun and increases your child’s fine motor skills and concentration. Follow the instructions in this book and before you know it all dragons will be ready for flying. Light and sturdy in their completed construction Origami Dragons make an easier pet to handle than the real ones. I mean, a fire breathing paper dragon wouldn’t last long would it? Fwoom! Up in smoke!

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