Mickey Mouse Art Case

Mickey Mouse Art Case is a great tool for any kid wanting to color in or learn to draw like the great animators or artists of our world. Inspire your little one by showing them the great artworks and having them interpret what they see onto paper with this Mickey Mouse Art Kit.

Mickey Mouse Art Case is full of multicolored pencils, markers and pencils to make any artwork really pop. Kids can learn to draw their favorite cartoon characters to create stories of their own. Hang them up in their room or on the fridge as masterpieces to show all of the family and friends.

Drawing with different mediums can inspire anyone with these bright colors. Drawing whatever comes into their mind and create some fantastic cartoons on a single page or staple lots of pictures together and make a book. Using these with small pieces of card clamped together you can also make flip books, cartoons that ‘move’ when pages are flipped.

Covering their bedroom walls with artwork that they have created themselves on pieces of paper (and not on your painted walls) or stick them in a folder for future keepsakes to show their own kids one day. If the kids really look after this Mickey Mouse Art Case well your grand kids will be able to use it too.

All famous artists started out with basic art kits like these as kids and gradually built up their studios with more advanced items as they grew up. If drawing and being an artist is what your child wants to do then this Art Case is a great start for any Picasso, DaVinci or Disney wannabe.

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