Crackin’ Geodas

Crackin’ Geodas is a kit that can make science a true treasure hunting and educational experience. Take a hammer and a chisel carefully to the rocks and discover what’s inside. Come on, give it a crack!

Crackin’ Geodas is a good time for everyone in the family, just make sure everyone has eye protection. A fun little experiment for science enthusiasts, treasure hunters or children who just want to break rocks.

Geodas are sedimentary and volcanic rocks with crystal formations that look like ordinary rocks outside. They have spiritual emphasis on the people and the home where you keep them. Certain colors and crystals can help with different aspects of your life.

There are many different types and colors of glass that can be formed within geodes. Beautiful and intricate designs that have formed within its cavernous environment. It is like a completely different world within what any ordinary rock looks like.

Crackin’ Geodas comes with glasses, geode stands, a colorful guide that tells you all about geodes and 10 geodes. Take out the kit and place the geodes on the ground, take a hammer and a chisel and then begin to break the geodes carefully.

This geology kit will inspire your children to want to hunt more geodes in their own garden. They are hidden everywhere, so be prepared for some more treasures in your home. Geodes are naturally beautiful and could be anywhere.

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